basketball stadium

This is a general solution for LED Display in basketball stadium which has the functions of timing, scoring, 24S shot clock, displaying advertisement, notification, the information of referees and teams. It is an ideal choice for most of stadiums.

fixed installation

Application of high refresh IC, truly realizes high refresh rate and high gray, making LED display image more realistic & satisfying business high visual quality requirements. Periodically or remote real-timely, control switch of LED Displays.

rental led display

During the event, other video equipment like digital TV signal, DVD, High Definition video camera will be introduced into the system and shown on the display. A video processor is necessary. Furthermore, by our technology, the image quality will be enhanced a lot.

commercial display

Display system: Outdoor LED cabinet
Controlling system consists of: PC, Graphic card, LED Processor, video processor, communication system.
System software, Remote advertising software.

front serviceability

Proposal of front serviceability solution is to provide the most convenient serviceability from the front of LED display. Under special circumstances, LED displays can't be maintained fron the rear, and the only way to maintain is from the front of the cabinets.

proposal for emc

Proposal of EMC solution is to ensure that LED displays avoid electromagnetic interference under the same electromagnetic environment to reduce electronic radiation and improve the capability of interference and antijamming. In this program, every LED display cabinet can be implemented according to customers' needs.

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